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During August, Chief Executive Clive Jessup, received the following letter from The Bob Whitehouse Consultancy about Jessup’s work at The Shard End Development in Birmingham for Waterloo Housing Association.

It reflects on the very high standards of our workforce and we proudly show the full text of the letter:

Dear Clive,

As you are aware, I am a professional Building Consultant and one of my roles for Waterloo Housing Association is that of Clerk of Works monitoring Development sites over the last few years on your schemes at Shard End.

I have found it necessary to write to you with regard to the high standard of finish that is being achieved at the above schemes. The properties in question namely E27 to E31 these being the first handovers today, were of an excellent standard. The presentation and standard of finish are a credit to your company. When I see standards achieved like this, it makes my job as Clerk of Works much easier as I think you can appreciate.

I have taken time to write this letter to you as I believe that your employees from the top (Peter Butler Construction Manager) right down to the site personnel namely Bob Paynton Site Manager including assistant site managers should be recognised for the standards of finish that have been produced.

I have worked for Waterloo Housing Association in the capacity of Clerk of Works for the last nine years and these properties are by far the best that I have seen for a long time.

Your Construction Manager along with your Site managers are always willing to listen and are both courteous and professional in the way they carry out their duties. I have full confidence in working as a Clerk of Works with them, when I visit the sites.

A further reason that I have decided to write this letter to you is that complaints about contractors are always easily stated, but when contractors perform like Jessup, sometimes it doesn’t always get reported back.

Your company must be ranked as one of the top performing contractors for Waterloo Housing if not the top contractor.

Please carry on the good work.


Clive Jessup comments:

“Receiving a letter like this gives me great confidence in our specialist construction abilities, to work to the exacting standards of the Housing Associations. Our many years of experience in this specialist field, means that our team rank among the best in the business, and I am very proud of them.”

Bob Whitehouse consultancy

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