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Credit Crunch

‘Credit crunch’ is now a term firmly embedded in the English language, thanks to saturation media coverage and the great British ability to talk our selves into financial decline.

Thanks to all the media reporting we all know how it has happened. Now the most frequently asked question is how long will it last?

Of course no one can answer that question with any confidence. On the housing front, if you listen to the gloom merchants they will have a good proportion of the population living in mud huts and tents as the whole build market implodes.

We know that the situation is serious and challenging on both sides of the housing market – private and affordable. On the one hand prices are falling and on the other government dictates demand more expensive eco solutions to new build across the board.

At Jessup we have no intention of going into manufacturing tents. We believe in looking on the positive side of the housing situation. As specialists in the affordable housing market, we will continue to utilise our vast experience with Registered Social Landlords to spot realistic development opportunities and deliver quality relevant housing tailored to our RSL partners exacting standards.

The ‘credit crunch’ housing slowdown will inevitably lead to an even higher demand for housing as population demographics and social needs increase.

We believe that this is the time for the RSL organisations to take a positive attitude, take the lead and contribute to new and forward thinking to housing needs.

Jessup Chief Executive, Clive Jessup comments, “We have the technical ability, experience and capacity to deliver relevant development packages to the stringent requirements of our RSL partners. Having just attended the National Housing Conference in Harrogate  our experience and approach to the current situation was endorsed in discussing various opportunities with current and new Registered Social Landlord clients.”

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